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Elevate Employee Engagement

Your people are your organization’s greatest asset. Imagine multiplying their value in a way that supports your strategy and boosts your bottom line. With ELEVATIONS, you can.
We combine a careful organizational consultation with an online personal assessment tool to analyze your people’s values, skills and motivations. Through these processes, we get a sense of how people within the organization relate to each other. Then we help you turn those insights into actionable, manageable ways to increase employee engagement and performance.
We partner with you to better understand:
What’s Working?

We identify what parts of your program are actually stimulating employee engagement. We then help you sharpen your focus and increase capacity.

What’s Not Working?

Worker disengagement means potentially huge losses in productivity. We identify where disengagement is occurring and recommend tangible solutions.

What’s Missing?

As organizations grow and complexity increases, it’s easy for gaps in process to creep in. We help eliminate missed opportunities and create cost-effective ways for employees to gain purpose, growth and recognition — which in turn fuels their desire to perform.


Personal Insight for Collective Goals

Custom Approach

We start with your core objectives and tailor ELEVATIONS to your needs, whether you are large or small, well-established or a start-up.

Individual Understanding, Organizational Benefit

Through ELEVATIONS online assessment, individuals answer questions that reveal their values, skills, personality, team preferences and leadership capabilities. We help you leverage their insight for the common good.

Talent Cultivation

You invest deeply in your people, but your return varies considerably. We help you find ways to do more with less.

Sustainable Success

ELEVATIONS is more than an assessment. It’s a methodology that sets the stage for ongoing engagement, improved capacity and motivation year after year.


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Emily Brown
Marketing Department Manager
Kimley-Horn and Associates

“Helen and Elevations helped improve my communication methods, self-awareness, and approach to working with others. She did so by defining people's innate personalities/temperaments, and giving me the tools to determine how I operate in my natural state. Also, I learned how to work with and communicate with others who operate differently. The Elevations workshop was eye opening and the lessons learned will last a lifetime. This approach offers timeless insight to how people function, as opposed to other assessments, which can change for individuals over time.”